The Rijks Automobiel Centrale (RAC) was founded in 1912 to manage the PTT's fleet. Later, cars from other government services were also added. The iconic building is located in the Laakhaven-West district, Petroleum harbor. Together with the two (preserved) cranes, this is one of the most prominent buildings in The Hague.

In its heyday, more than 100 people worked in the two garage halls, of which the 'Round hall' has an internal ramp. The 'puntthal' has a high ceiling with large windows.

The former RAC halls were completed in 2009 after a thorough redevelopment as a center for art and culture and large-scale events. After the renovation and installation of a new climate installation, the building was suitable for groups of up to 3,500 visitors. The adjacent office building was also restored and provided with a new entrance.

In 2009, the RAC Hallen were festively opened and marketed as one of The Industrials, along with other industrial event locations such as De Caballero Fabriek, Fokker Terminal, De Remise and Loods 3. Although the location looks beautiful - grand, raw and authentic - the event industry was unable to find its way to the RAC-Hallen. This resulted in vacancy and in 2013 the building was largely taken into use as storage for a bakery chain. This came to an end in November 2015 due to rent arrears. Since that period, the property has been for sale, but a suitable buyer has not been found.

When it became known in mid-2017 that the Skateboard Federation Netherlands, with a view to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, was applying for an aspiring membership at NOC * NSF and at the same time the municipality of The Hague had the ambition to create a third National Top Sport in addition to sailing and beach volleyball. Center to get to the Residence, a number of puzzle pieces fell together. With these industrial halls, an opportunity was offered to build a skate park where athletes can prepare for Olympic level.

With the interpretation of other urban sports organizations and the interpretation of the office area, the Haagse Sport Centrale was gradually born.


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collection of The Hague municipality archives and museum image and sound The Hague in courtesy of st. hangs industrieel erfgoed (shie)