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The nicest Bouldering hall in The Hague!
Bouldering is done on climbing walls of up to 4.5 meters high. Thanks to the thick mats under the wall you land softly and you can get started without taking a course! We have built boulders (climbing routes) on our walls in 9 different colors. Each color represents a certain level of difficulty.

See you at Bouldering!


vigorous crossfit

At Vigorous Crossfit it's all about your goals that we will achieve together!

Do you want to work on your strength, fitness and health? Then come by and experience Vigorous Crossfit.


Eric is your coach and guides you in determining and achieving your goals. With the famous Crossfit methodology you work with him to achieve those goals.

Come by and start today!

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Dance with Beweigi!

Our dance school is for children, young people and adults. With a wide range of movement and dance, there is always something for you.

We offer at different times in our 3 dance halls.


Are you also coming to move with Beweigi?


jump freerun

There is something fun for everyone to do during the JUMP Academy training courses. We teach at different ages (from 7 years) and at all levels. Beginners and pro free runners train at the JUMP academy.
The basic techniques of freerunning and parkour include jumping, climbing, swinging, tricks, flips and much more!


Will you also participate in this spectacular sport?


skateboard training

Exclusive skateboard training at the Olympic Skateboard Training Center (STC) in The Hague is offered by


Do you want to learn skateboarding or do you want to further practice your skillz in this unique park? Then come skateboarding with us.


From the age of 8 you can start with our extensive skateboard training.